Stefano Bellandi

education: Stefano started with a passion for computer graphics in the 80s, when the word computer had just entered into common use. Immediately fascinated by programming logic, he first approached image manipulation with the rudimentary tools of the time, and then moved on to the first 3D software, when 3D was still only a chimera dedicated to building construction and little more (CAD). His passion for VideoGames and for SCI-FI cinema led him to understand new frontiers of communication languages, applying new technologies to them. At the same time he has worked in private broadcasters experiencing the boom of the TV 80's, which has provided an impressive background that until now serves as a solid foundation. His passion for music (which sees him as the direct protagonist of local scenes with more than one BAND Rock) and his experience in the recording studio complete his "multimedia" baggage. Studies in computer science and programming inevitably lead to the web where he is present as a partner of a company that deals with web design, programming and business services.